As head of the “AFor Family” I have the responsibility for everyone, but it’s easy as they are all amazing individuals and a great team. I pride myself in my ability to speak to clients and other professionals in plain English, and in being a highly effective financial friend. I have over 30 years’ experience in the all aspects of Financial Management and Accountancy for a variety of businesses. I possess a high level of expertise in Sage Accounting Programs and am accredited with Xero certification, which is supported by exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. I have the ability to work under pressure to ever changing deadlines. I prefer to meet clients in the bar – my drink of choice would have to be a Cosmopolitan Cocktail. 



I am a bookkeeper for AFor and I am responsible for looking after all of our clients bookkeeping needs. This usually means sorting out all those receipts and invoices that pile up at their office and empting those carrier bags that no-one wants to tackle. I look after a lot of our new clients within the office and set them up within our systems so we can get them more organised.  I have a background in sales within various industries and now have the titles of office comedian and alleged IT specialist to add to this list. Outside of work I have an unhealthy obsession with cars both owning and cleaning them.


Accountant ICAEW

With 22 years - and counting - of being a Chartered Accountant with experience in a number of sectors, I am able to offer insights into wide-ranging areas of financial accounting, including Statutory Accounts, Management Information, Budgeting and Forecasting. As well as distilling loquacious and meticulous data into understandable, useful information, I am a rugby referee, but don’t hold that against me.


Administrative Support Officer

I am the administrative support office and love my role within AFor (UK) Ltd. I feel I can put my organisational and communicative skills to work here, alongside my ability to work as part of the team or independently, when required. I provide solid and essential back up for my colleagues and pride myself for having a calm head and meticulous eye for detail. New challenges and new responsibilities constantly present themselves and I feel my strengths lie in being able to reorganise these challenges quickly and effectively. Whatever needs to be done, I will get it done.


Bookkeeper & Trainee Director

I have over 13 years of experience in bookkeeping for a variety of different clients and pride myself on my organisation skills and ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner. Working with the AFor family has allowed me to widen my skills even more and to fulfil my passion of helping clients maximise profits within their business. The best part of working with AFor is that it doesn’t feel like a job, I wake up on a morning excited for what challenges I will face and who I can help make more money! With the added bonus of working with an amazing team!


Accounts Assistant

I am one of the newest members of the AFor family but I have wasted no time in getting stuck in. I’m a finance graduate from Northumbria University and I am currently studying to be accredited with our online accounting program Xero. I am employed as an accounts assistant and I work with clients in all sectors from construction to pharmacy. Outside of work I can be found playing mum and on the very rare occasion I have time off I can be found watching trash TV and eating chocolate.


Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m the youngest member of the AFor family, which means I am usually clueless to the rest of the office’s music choices! I am a University of Birmingham graduate and I have four years’ experience in Financial Auditing. I love this field but felt I needed a change At AFor my main role within the team will be dealing with our largest client, which will give me experience working within our specialist field of pharmaceutical accounting, something I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with. I am very excited to take on this new challenge and add another string to my bow. Alongside this I also have another very important role as the accounts team baker, providing sweet treats to encourage and nourish the entire AFor family. Outside of the office I can always be found cuddling with my dog George or visiting various castles across the UK with my other half. I am always up for experiencing new things and looking forward to what life throws at me.


My name is Ernie. I am the most important member of this team because I bring calm and happiness to all my fellow workers, you could say I’m the resident therapist. With my big eyes, my cuddly coat and my intuition for knowing who needs a hug I am always willing to be the calming influence in the office. I ring my bells on the door when I want to go out (sometimes I do it just to make someone stand up…ha ha ha) and I never let anyone eat their lunch alone, I am always here to help them with that!

As you can see the office just wouldn’t be the same without me.