Business Advice

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Did you know that financial planning is a necessity for any new start up organisation?

Every start-up business requires early financial projections, regardless of the companies’ size, sector or objectives whether you are planning a sole trader operation, a joint partnership or a limited company, your new business will require a degree of financial preparation. Financial planning can help you acquire loan funding for your start up, or it can be used to attract investors to a potentially lucrative deal for your business. Having accurate financial projections can also help when it comes to acquiring overdraft facilities or credit cards from banks.
We offer a complete range of services to start-up businesses, including information on;

  • Where to start and what you need
    • Choice of business type
    • Registration with HM Revenue
    • What records to keep
    • Help with allowable and disallowable expenses

Virtual Finance Director

  • The preparation of financial reports and briefings
    • Preparation and submission of budgets
    • Advise on financial strategy and its impact on company objectives. Help with company objectives and whether they are realistic given the current and projected financial situation.
    • Create financial reports and compare sales and income targets and projections against the reported figures. Suggest improvements to projection methods and analyse any failings
    • Participate in financial and strategic planning

Any size business could benefit from help and guidance on all matters financial and don’t let technical jargon stop you from asking questions and requesting information – no question is too small or will be seen as unnecessary if you don’t know the answer just ask. Our Finance Director role would benefit any size business – we are all experts only in our own field